Engraved Handwriting Gifts

Do you have a special piece of text (or drawing) from a friend or loved one that you want to preserve for years to come? We can help make that happen by engraving a special keepsake gift.

Before I started making hand stamped jewellery I studied and worked in graphic design. Our new laser engraving equipment allows me to combine these 2 passions by taking a digital image provided by our clients  (a scan or even a high quality photo) and incorporating it into a unique gift or momento.

Using this method we have made necklaces, bracelets, key rings and bottle openers featuring the handwriting, photos and drawings of beloved friends and family. We have even made gifts featuring the paw print of a beloved pet.

Having access to such technology allows us to create a truly personalised, one of a kind gift which can be treasured forever.


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