Swarovski Crystal Charms


Birthstone Month

This listing is for one Swarovski Crystal Channel Charm. These lovely little crystals are available in each birthstone colour and are available as a "add on" for any of our personalised pieces.

Please refer to the details below when choosing the colour you would like to be included on your personalised piece.

Birthstone Months and Colours

January - Ruby (red)
February - Amethyst (purple)
March - Aquamarine (light blue)
April - Diamondique (clear)
May - Emerald (green)
June - Alexandrite (light pink)
July - Ruby (red)
August - Peridot (light green)
September - Sapphire (blue)
October - Pink Tourmaline (dark pink)
November - Topaz (yellow gold)
December - Tanzanite (light purple/blue colour)

Here are a few more details on these charms:

Height: 10mm (.39") including loop
Width: 7mm (.28")
Thickness: 3mm (.12")
Rhodium-plated bezel with loop.

SKU: 10267

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