Handwriting Gifts - Personalised Bar Blade Bottle Opener, Personalise With Your Handwriting/Picture


This personalized engraved stainless bar blade would make the perfect keepsake for the beer enthusiast.

It can be personalised with words of your choosing and even engraved with a drawing (family portrait anyone?) or a handwritten message, how cool is that!

To make your piece happen, all we need is a scanned image (or high quality photograph, iPhones are pretty flash these days!) of the image you wish to appear on your bottle opener.

In some circumstances we may need to move around text or scale a image to make it fit. If you would like to confirm that your image or text will be suitable before ordering, please e-mail it to
handstamped@internode.on.net or send us a message on Facebook: www.facebook.com/handstampedde...

The engraving area on the bar blade is approx 40mm x 100mm, we are happy to scale your image or text to make it work with your chosen design ☺️

Here's a little extra info about this piece and details on placing your order:

♡ Bottle Opener is made of high quality stainless steel
♡ Contact us if you would like a variation of this design created
♡ Personalised information for your order can be added at checkout;
♡ Box for info comes up on the screen after your cart contents is shown

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