Midwife Gift - Personalised Engraved Keychain, “The Hands Of A Lady, The Eyes Of A Hawk...”


This lovely three piece personalised key ring would make a lovely keepsake for a respected midwife.

The largest 30mm pendant is engraved with, 'Midwife - the hands of a lady, the eyes of a hawk and the heart of a lion'. The smaller 20mm pendant can be engraved with a name of your choosing). The piece is finished off with a cute little tree of life charm.

Please note: If you would like a Swarovski crystal charm added to your piece (seen on the larger pendant in the pics), this must be purchased separately, you can find the listing for them here: https://www.handstampeddelights.com/shop/product/40925/Swarovski-Crystal-Charms/

Alternatively we can add a coloured glass pearl and clear crystal to this piece at no additional charge.

Here's a little extra info about this piece and details on placing your order:

♡ Pendants used is made of high quality stainless steel

♡ The larger pendant is 30mm and the smaller pendants are 20mm.

♡ Contact us if you would like a variation of this design created

♡ Personalised information for your order can be added at checkout;

♡ Box for info comes up on the screen after your cart contents is shown

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