Dad Gifts - Engraved Sound Wave, Personalised Keyring


We recently created a beautiful custom piece which featured engraving a sound wave of a child's first time saying "Dada" onto a personalised key chain. We were so pleased with how it turned out we decided to list it for sale in our store.

This unique one of a kind gift would SURELY bring a smile to anyone's face!

So here's the deal, we can engrave the larger rectangle pendant with a sound bye provided by you and the second smaller pendant can be engraved with a name or word of your choosing. We can fit a maximum of 3 lines of text on this pendant with upto 10 letters per line.

Here's a little extra info about this piece and details on placing your order:

♡ Pendants used is made of high quality stainless steel 
♡ Pendants measure 40x20mm & 20mm
♡ Contact us if you would like a variation of this design created 
♡ Personalised information for your order can be added at checkout; 
♡ Box for info comes up on the screen after your cart contents is shown

SKU: 10480

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