Dad Gifts - Grandads Tea Spoon (We can dedicate this to anyone!)


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Is your Dad really hard to buy for but a massive fan of coffee? I’m sure he will love this personalised coffee spoon! We can personalise this spoon with the way he takes his coffee, cool or what!

Please note if you would like something else engraved instead of coffee (tea perhaps) I’m sure we can make it happen. Just shoot us a message to discuss.

We recommend washing your spoons my hand (opposed to putting them in the dishwasher) to ensure the quality of the engraving is not compromised over time.

Here's a little extra info about this piece and details on placing your order:

♡ Spoons are made of stainless steel

♡ Contact us if you would like a variation of this design created

♡ Personalised information for your order can be added at checkout;

♡ Box for info comes up on the screen after your cart contents is shown

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