Bag Tags - Cute Bear Shaped Personalised Bag Tag, Choose your colour!


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Are you looking for a super cute bag tag for your child? We’re sure our acrylic bag tags will hit the spot. This tag is cut out in the shape of a Bear and can be personalised with your child’s name (we will scale the name up or down to fit the tag) which is cut out of the Bear shape, we’ve also added a cute little star.

We have a SALE happening where if you can buy one tag for $12.99, two for $17.99 or three for $24.99! ♡

If you would like to purchase a mix of designs, please send me an e-mail at (or message us on Facebook ) to let me know the designs and colours you'd like and I'll set up a private listing for you so you get the discounted price.

This tag is made of 3mm thick pastel acrylic and is available in four colours (refer to images). The acrylic is shiny on one side and matte on the other, we have made this piece so the shiny side faces up.

The tag itself measures approx. 7.6x4.7cm from top to bottom, which is a great size for children to easily read their name. We have used some high quality link chain (this is really strong so will not come apart) to attach the tag to a keyring of your choice, we have a clip keyring or round split ring available, you can choose which you would prefer when adding to your cart.

Hit us up if you had a bag tag idea you'd like to bring to life, we can cut or engrave in just about any shape ♡

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