Mum & Grandmother Gift - Your Drawing or Handwriting Engraved onto a Keyring!


How many sides would you like engraved
What colour beads would you like?

This personalized engraved key ring would make a perfect keepsake item. It can be engraved with a drawing (family portrait anyone?) or picture of your choosing, how cool is that! You can choose to have one or two sides engraved when adding to cart.

This piece can be finished off with a bead of your choosing along with a hollow heart charm.

To make this piece happen we ask that your drawing is done in a black felt tip (or similar) pen on a plain white background (no lines). You can then order through this listing and send us a e-mail ( with your images. If you want to check that your images will work for engraving please feel free to send them through to us before ordering. Bare in mind, the picture will be scaled down to fit the pendant size (30mm).

Here's a little extra info about this piece and details on placing your order:

♡ This pendant is made of high quality 316 Stainless Steel

♡ It's silver in colour with a shiny mirror finish

♡ Measurements: 30mm in size & approx 1.6mm thick

♡ Personalised information for your order can be added at checkout;

♡ Box for info comes up on the screen after your cart contents is shown

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